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极速赛车168开奖记录查询 开奖官网 | 168赛车开奖结果记录、官网开奖计划一分钟+开奖直播

We had athletes, park rangers, new moms, and fitness enthusiasts put them to the test.
The SELF 2023 Sneaker Awards

These ‘Ugly-Chic’ Merrell Sandals Are Perfect for Recovery Days

They’ve replaced my flip-flops—and my feet are so much happier for it.
The 2023 SELF Sneaker Awards

These Nike Trail Shoes Are Great for Tricky Terrain—And for Brunch After My Run

Finally, cute waterproof sneakers that don’t feel swampy.
The SELF 2023 Sneaker Awards

极速赛车168开奖官网开奖数据查询 168看赛车开奖结果直播 Make My Everyday Runs Less Tiring

I’m lacing them up whenever my legs need a little TLC.
The 2023 SELF Sneaker Awards

I’m an Avid Trail Runner, and These Salomons Made Me a Max-Cushion Convert

They help the miles fly by, no matter the terrain.
The 2023 SELF Sneaker Awards

I’m a Beginner Runner, and These Puma Sneakers Really Boosted My Confidence

Having fun on a jog: a concept.
The SELF 2023 Sneaker Awards

Lululemon’s New Running Shoes Make the Transition to Trails Less Intimidating

The sneakers’ versatility means they’re a solid investment for beginners.
The SELF 2023 Sneaker Awards

I Tried the New Under Armour Shoes in a 10K—And Finished Seconds Off My PR

I didn’t need to take a nap afterward either.

The Best Celebrity Wellness Instagrams of the Week: Simone Biles, Kate Hudson, and More

How your favorite follows took care of themselves. 

5 Ways to Get Mosquito Bite Relief Quickly

Doctors share the home remedies that work—and a few that are BS.

Should You Stop Working Out at Night for Better Sleep?

It depends on the exercises you choose—and how you wind down after.
Mental health

3 Things to Do If You’re a Guy Struggling With Your Body Image

Your food or fitness routine shouldn’t make you feel like shit.

‘This Undid Me’: Brooke Shields on Her ‘Frightening’ Postpartum Depression

“You just keep thinking, What’s wrong with me?”

7 Signs of Emotional Abuse That Aren’t So Obvious

It doesn’t have to be loud or violent to “count.”

Here’s How to Deal With an Allergic Reaction on Your Face

New skin care products aren’t the only culprits—old favorites can cause a freak-out too.

Kiwis Sold in 14 States Were Just Recalled Due to Potential Listeria Contamination

Here’s how to tell if you should toss your fruit immediately.

I Tried the New Lululemon Sneakers to See If They’re Really as Versatile as They Claim

SELF’s fitness director tested them during strength and cardio work.

Oh, Fun: Perimenopause Might Be Making Your Migraine Attacks Worse

Here’s why it’s happening—and how to deal.
Follow your heart

How to Save Your Relationship From the Social Media Comparison Trap

Even the most picture-perfect pairs go through rough patches.

I Swear 168极速赛车全国开奖官网 for My Flat Feet

They make long walks in my favorite sneakers way more comfortable.

Air Travel Is Hell. Here Are 25 Little Ways to Make It Easier on Your Body

Flying isn’t getting any better, but you can at least go in prepared.