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I Tried the Walk-Run Method at a Major Marathon, and the Results Were Surprising

I used to think slowing down was a sign of weakness. I was wrong.

This Queer Running Group Wants to Make the Sport More Inclusive

There are actually a lot of small ways to make races more welcoming.

I’m a Sub-3:45 Marathoner With Crohn’s—Here’s How I Keep Running When Symptoms Strike

For Ali Feller, careful research, precise scheduling, and a little experimentation is key.

I'm 4'11" and This Is the Best Gear I’ve Found for Short Runners

These pieces perfectly fit my small torso and feet.

The Adidas Ultraboost Light Makes My Easy Runs Feel Even Easier

The sneakers are more versatile than you’d think too.
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The 2023 SELF Sneaker Awards: 25 Pairs Perfect for Walking, Running, and Bopping Around

We had athletes, park rangers, new moms, and fitness enthusiasts put them to the test.
The SELF 2023 Sneaker Awards

I Tried the New Under Armour Shoes in a 10K—And Finished Seconds Off My PR

I didn’t need to take a nap afterward either.

I Tried the New Lululemon Sneakers to See If They’re Really as Versatile as They Claim

SELF’s fitness director tested them during strength and cardio work.

The Best Hokas for All Types of Runners

Whether you’re looking for swift speed or max cushioning, we’ve got you covered.

A 20-Minute Outdoor Workout You Can Do With Zero Equipment

For when you need a break from the gym.
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The Newest Garmin Watch Isn’t Cheap, But It Has a Lot to Offer Serious(ish) Runners

SELF’s fitness director breaks down all the cool new features—and a few potential snags.
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The New Hoka Mach X Is a Daily Running Shoe That I’d Actually Wear on Race Day

SELF’s fitness director took the pace-pushing trainers out for a test drive.

7 Tips for Running a Great Evening Race

A little bit of prep will help you make the most of late-in-the-day events.

How to Make Exercising Outside in Hot Weather Feel a Little Less Miserable

Expert tips to help you stay cool and safe.

I Tried ‘Posture-Correcting’ Workout Clothes to See If It Really Improved My Performance

Plus, what a physical therapist thinks of the trend.

The Best Deals We Found at the REI Anniversary Sale

It’s a great time to shop for discounted camping gear, sneakers, and more.

How to Prevent Shin Splints From Ruining Your Runs

Play the proactive game to ward off pain.

The Best Trail Running Shoes to Keep You Steady and Stable on Any Terrain

Expert picks to keep you from slipping and literally eating dirt.

10 Great Folding Treadmills for Exercising in Small Spaces

Easy storage under your couch, bed, or standing desk.

What to Pack for Destination Races, According to Runners Who Travel

From hand warmers to portable foam rollers.

15 Reasons to Finally Give Running a Try

It’s about way more than fast times and finish lines.

What to Do When You’re Bummed That You Can’t Work Out for a While

“It’s okay to sit in the suck.”

9 Life Lessons I Learned From Being Sidelined With Injuries

The healing process can spark a lot of learning.

11 Tricks to Make Sure Your Form Is Correct, According to Trainers

Use these tips to make every move more effective.

Our Favorite Workout Shoes for Every Kind of Movement

For high-intensity training, indoor cycling, walking, and more.

The SELF Guide to Running

All the training, fueling, and recovery tips you need to start strong.
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Lots of Swifties Are Saying They Got COVID After the LA Eras Shows

A gentle reminder that masking up alone won’t necessarily keep you from getting sick.
The SELF 2023 Sneaker Awards

These Cushiony Nikes Make My Everyday Runs Less Tiring

I’m lacing them up whenever my legs need a little TLC.
The 2023 SELF Sneaker Awards

I’m an Avid Trail Runner, and These Salomons Made Me a Max-Cushion Convert

They help the miles fly by, no matter the terrain.
The 2023 SELF Sneaker Awards

I’m a Beginner Runner, and These Puma Sneakers Really Boosted My Confidence

Having fun on a jog: a concept.
The SELF 2023 Sneaker Awards

These ‘Ugly-Chic’ Merrell Sandals Are Perfect for Recovery Days

They’ve replaced my flip-flops—and my feet are so much happier for it.
The 2023 SELF Sneaker Awards

These Nike Trail Shoes Are Great for Tricky Terrain—And for Brunch After My Run

Finally, cute waterproof sneakers that don’t feel swampy.
The SELF 2023 Sneaker Awards

Lululemon’s New Running Shoes Make the Transition to Trails Less Intimidating

The sneakers’ versatility means they’re a solid investment for beginners.

‘Vulnerability Is So Important:’ The USWNT Gets Candid About Mental Health

Their new initiative will support both pro and young athletes.
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TikTok’s Homemade Shaved Ice Hack Is the Perfect Way to Use Up Extra Fruit

I took it for a test run and love it as a way to avoid food waste.

The Best Celebrity Wellness Instagrams of the Week: Simone Biles, Kate Hudson, and More

How your favorite follows took care of themselves. 

5 Ways to Get Mosquito Bite Relief Quickly

Doctors share the home remedies that work—and a few that are BS.