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Moment of truth

Your Partner Lied to You. Here’s How to Trust Them Again.

Resist the urge to keep checking their texts.
That’s a no for me dawg

Everyone Has Relationship Deal-Breakers. Here’s How to Identify Yours

Plus the best, non-awkward ways to bring them up.

Kelly Clarkson’s 3 Romantic Red Flags Are Relatable as Hell

“No friends? That’s weird,” she said in a recent TikTok.

4 Signs of Toxic Jealousy You Should Never Ignore

There’s a difference between caring and controlling.

How to Navigate Dating When You’re Immunocompromised

Anyone who shames you for protecting your health isn’t worth your time.

7 Signs of Emotional Abuse That Aren’t So Obvious

It doesn’t have to be loud or violent to “count.”
Follow your heart

How to Save Your Relationship From the Social Media Comparison Trap

Even the most picture-perfect pairs go through rough patches.
Bottoms up

How to Clean Your Butt Before Anal Sex

Be extra gentle with your hole, especially if you’re using an enema.

How to Have Safe Sex With Genital Herpes

There’s a ton of misinformation around this super-common STI—but a diagnosis doesn’t spell doom for your hookups.

How to Grieve and Eventually Move On After a Friend Dumps You

Confusion, anger, and sadness are totally normal when you’ve lost your person.

Are You Dealing With a Narcissist or Just an Asshole?

There’s a difference between insensitive behavior and straight up manipulation.

Kelly Clarkson Said She ‘Wouldn’t Have Made It’ Through Her Divorce Without Antidepressants

“I looked at my therapist and I just couldn’t stop sobbing,” she recalled.

Kelly Clarkson Says Her Divorce Felt ‘Freeing’ Despite Being ‘Incredibly Sad’

“I never experienced grief like that,” the singer revealed in an Apple Music interview.
No we’re talkin’

18 Ways to Get Really, Really Good at Phone Sex

Don’t let a little awkwardness stop you—it can be so, so worth it.
Let’s get physical

Jane Fonda Shared Her Secret for Having Great Sex as You Get Older

Let’s just say those aerobics workouts are still paying off. 
Real talk

How to Vent to Your Friends Without Bringing Them Down

Gentle reminder that your BFF is not your therapist.
Pardon you

How to Actually Forgive Yourself

No matter what you did, you can move past it.
Watch it, pal

8 Friendship Red Flags You Really Shouldn’t Ignore

Beware of a “bestie” who keeps one-upping you.

How to Talk to Someone You’re Newly Dating About Your Bipolar I Diagnosis

Talking about your mental health can be hard, but there are real benefits to being open.
Historical fiction

How to Stop Romanticizing the Past So You Can Enjoy Your Life Right Now

Was the grass really so much greener back in the day?
Human resources

How to Feel Less Lonely at Work

It’s hard to spend most of your waking hours with people you don't click with.

How to Turn Down a Friends' Trip If You Can't Afford It

A financial therapist offers her best (least-awkward) advice.
So far, so good

How to Keep Your Long-Distance Relationship Healthy, Happy, and Hot

It does take work, but it can absolutely be worth it.