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Your biggest health condition questions, answered.

I Thought I Just Got Sicker Than Other People—Until a Blood Test Led to a Life-Changing Diagnosis

I never suspected I might have an immune deficiency disease.

What to Know About CVID, a Rare Immune Disorder That’s Often Misdiagnosed

Symptoms can vary widely but often include frequent infections, intense fatigue, and GI issues.

How to Navigate Dating When You’re Immunocompromised

Anyone who shames you for protecting your health isn’t worth your time.

Condition Spotlight

  • Hidradenitis Suppurativa

    Hidradenitis Suppurativa

    This inflammatory skin condition is often misunderstood.
  • Heart Failure

    Heart Failure

    No, it doesn’t mean your heart stops working.
  • Migraine


    Symptoms can look different for everyone.
  • Psoriasis


    It’s commonly confused with eczema.
  • Eczema


    It’s a painfully common skin condition.

My Way to Well: Vitiligo

6 Ways to Embrace Your Depigmentation, According to People With Vitiligo

“Not focusing on covering the spots, but enhancing what’s already there, has helped a lot.”

Here’s How Vitiligo Can Take an Emotional Toll, From People Who Get It

“I hated to go out in public without being covered because of the stares, whispers, and pointing.” 

Why Is There Still So Much Stigma Tied to Vitiligo?

There are a lot of misconceptions about what causes the condition—and who can develop it.

The Winding Journey to Finding the Right Vitiligo Treatment

Here’s what you can expect, physically and mentally.

Medical Advisory Board

Jessica Stern, PhD
Mental Health
Ricardo Correa, MD
Metabolic Health
Biftu Mengesha, MD, MAS
Sexual And Reproductive Health
Rabia de Latour, MD
Digestive Health
Lauren R. Natbony, MD
Neurological Health
Ugo Iroku, MD, MHS
Digestive Health
A Neurologist Explains What Causes Migraine
A neurologist and headache expert walks through the many things that may trigger a migraine attack, including hormones, stress, and weather.


To Accept My Chronic Condition, I Needed to Grieve the Life That Could Have Been

I gave myself tender permission to stew in the unfairness of it all. And I gave it time.

7 People With Crohn’s Share Their Advice for People Who Just Got a Diagnosis

“You’re worthy of loving yourself and giving yourself the best care possible.”

For Years Doctors Told Me My Constant Exhaustion and Night Terrors Were Normal. They Weren’t.

But my disorder is more common than you’d think.

6 People Share What They Wish They’d Known After Their Bipolar I Diagnosis

Don’t be scared of your condition—you’re still you.

Why Are Black Women Disproportionately Affected by Uterine Fibroids?

Unique risk factors, pain that’s ignored, and delayed treatment are all at play.
Cruel summer

Lots of Swifties Are Saying They Got COVID After the LA Eras Shows

A gentle reminder that masking up alone won’t necessarily keep you from getting sick.

5 Ways to Get Mosquito Bite Relief Quickly

Doctors share the home remedies that work—and a few that are BS.

‘This Undid Me’: Brooke Shields on Her ‘Frightening’ Postpartum Depression

“You just keep thinking, What’s wrong with me?”

Here’s How to Deal With an Allergic Reaction on Your Face

New skin care products aren’t the only culprits—old favorites can cause a freak-out too.

Oh, Fun: Perimenopause Might Be Making Your Migraine Attacks Worse

Here’s why it’s happening—and how to deal.
Boiling point

3 Things to Do If the Heat Starts Making You Feel Physically Ill

Things can go from simply uncomfortable to dangerous very quickly.

How to Take Care of Your Mind and Body When You Have Crohn’s

These small routine tweaks can help make your day-to-day more comfortable.

6 Ways to Prevent Tick Bites Year-Round

The right gear and a quick shower can go a long way.

Here’s How to Stay Cool and Safe in Extreme Heat

Summer is lasting longer—and only getting hotter.

How to Handle a Bathroom Emergency With Grace and Speed

Yep, we’re talking about IBD and pooping your pants, folks.
Finger tips

10 Legit Ways to Strengthen Your Nails, According to Science

Sorry, but a biotin supplement probably isn’t one of them.
Mouth off

What to Do If You Hate Your Lip Filler and Are Kind of Freaking Out

First, try not to panic—it can take a couple weeks to see your true results.

It’s Not Just You: Extreme Heat Is Making All of Us Really Cranky

And in some cases, downright angry.

Yes, You Really Should Avoid Taking Ibuprofen When Drinking—Here’s Why

Popping a pill to prevent a hangover? Read this.

People Swear by Boric Acid for Relentless Vaginal Infections—Here’s What Ob-Gyns Think

If you’re stuck in a yeast/BV loop and desperate for relief, read this.

Martina Navratilova Shared How ‘Brutal’ Chemo Can Be After Her Double Cancer Diagnosis

“As a top-level athlete, you think you’re going to live to a hundred and that you can rehab it all.” 

How to Have Safe Sex With Genital Herpes

There’s a ton of misinformation around this super-common STI—but a diagnosis doesn’t spell doom for your hookups.

The FDA Just Approved a New Drug to Protect Babies and Toddlers From RSV

Experts say the injectable medication, called Beyfortus, will be critical ahead of cold and flu season.

Demi Lovato’s 2018 Drug Overdose Caused Complications She Still Lives With Today

The long-term effects serve as a “constant reminder to stay on the right path.”

Lisa Marie Presley Died of Small Bowel Obstruction—Here’s What That Means

The blockage was related to a bariatric surgery she had years ago.

How to Predict When a Migraine Attack Will Happen—And Potentially Avoid It

Here’s what you should know about the prodrome phase.

Keke Palmer Got Real About the Pressure of Breastfeeding: It’s Been a ‘Doozy’

“It isn’t that easy. And if it is for you, wonderful. But I think more often than not, it’s difficult.”

Here’s a Super Easy Way to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Home, According to the CDC

Turns out, your yard, deck, or balcony might be the ideal egg-laying site.

How to Treat a Hellish Poison Ivy Rash Fast

Before you scratch yourself to shreds, try one of these easy fixes that actually work.

People Swear That Ice Caps Make Their Migraine Feel Better—Here’s What the Science Says

If you’re dealing with awful head pain, you might have questions about cold therapy.

Here’s How to Tell If Your Sunscreen Has Expired

You might think using old SPF is no biggie, but that half-empty bottle could be working against you.

The FDA Just Approved a New Alopecia Drug for Hair Loss. Here’s Why It’s So Promising

Some people have seen major hair regrowth in clinical trials—and it’s the first treatment available for teens with the condition.

Local Malaria Cases Have Been Confirmed in the US—Should I Be Worried?

The mosquito-borne disease hasn’t been transmitted domestically since 2003.

Swimmer’s Ear Can Be Excruciating—Here Are the Symptoms to Look Out For

Experts say it will only get worse if you try to wait it out.

How to Deal With Excruciatingly Heavy Periods Caused by Uterine Fibroids

Some ways to make them less of a nightmare so you can just...get on with your life.

6 Sneaky Uterine Fibroid Symptoms You Really Shouldn’t Ignore

Heavy periods and cramping outside of your cycle are big signs.

Kerry Washington Shared the Ingredient That ‘Transformed’ Her Eczema-Prone Skin

At 46, the actor’s routine is all about hydration. 

How to Actually Protect Yourself Against Mosquito Bites

In addition to being annoying and itchy, these bloodsuckers can carry some gnarly diseases.

I’m a Grown-Ass Adult—Why Is Chin Acne Still Ruining My Life?

Dermatologists explain those frustrating breakouts—and how to treat them. 

How Even a Little Daily Movement Can Help Reduce Your Risk of Dementia

Your brain will thank you in the present and the future.