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Martina Navratilova Shared How ‘Brutal’ Chemo Can Be After Her Double Cancer Diagnosis

“As a top-level athlete, you think you’re going to live to a hundred and that you can rehab it all.” 

Yes, You Really Should Avoid Taking Ibuprofen When Drinking—Here’s Why

Popping a pill to prevent a hangover? Read this.

How to Find a Doctor Who Isn’t Laser-Focused on Your Weight

Everyone deserves to be treated as a whole person—not just a number on a scale.

People Swear by Boric Acid for Relentless Vaginal Infections—Here’s What Ob-Gyns Think

If you’re stuck in a yeast/BV loop and desperate for relief, read this.

Here’s a Super Easy Way to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Home, According to the CDC

Turns out, your yard, deck, or balcony might be the ideal egg-laying site.
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Lots of Swifties Are Saying They Got COVID After the LA Eras Shows

A gentle reminder that masking up alone won’t necessarily keep you from getting sick.

Should You Stop Working Out at Night for Better Sleep?

It depends on the exercises you choose—and how you wind down after.
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3 Things to Do If You’re a Guy Struggling With Your Body Image

Your food or fitness routine shouldn’t make you feel like shit.

‘This Undid Me’: Brooke Shields on Her ‘Frightening’ Postpartum Depression

“You just keep thinking, What’s wrong with me?”

Air Travel Is Hell. Here Are 25 Little Ways to Make It Easier on Your Body

Flying isn’t getting any better, but you can at least go in prepared.

15 of the Best Journaling Apps to Make Self-Reflection More Convenient

If pen and paper seems like a chore, try one of these digital alternatives instead.
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3 Things to Do If the Heat Starts Making You Feel Physically Ill

Things can go from simply uncomfortable to dangerous very quickly.

How to Take Care of Your Mind and Body When You Have Crohn’s

These small routine tweaks can help make your day-to-day more comfortable.

6 Ways to Prevent Tick Bites Year-Round

The right gear and a quick shower can go a long way.

Here’s How to Stay Cool and Safe in Extreme Heat

Summer is lasting longer—and only getting hotter.

How to Handle a Bathroom Emergency With Grace and Speed

Yep, we’re talking about IBD and pooping your pants, folks.
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What to Do If You Hate Your Lip Filler and Are Kind of Freaking Out

First, try not to panic—it can take a couple weeks to see your true results.

It’s Not Just You: Extreme Heat Is Making All of Us Really Cranky

And in some cases, downright angry.
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Exactly How to Clean Your Nasty Little Earbuds

Dirty ones can harbor bacteria and lead to infections.
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8 Dermatologist-Approved Lip Balms With SPF

Your mouth may be even more susceptible to UV damage than other parts of your face.
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7 Therapist Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

There are some not-so-obvious things a mental health professional should never do.

Why Are Black Women Disproportionately Affected by Uterine Fibroids?

Unique risk factors, pain that’s ignored, and delayed treatment are all at play.
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3 Things to Do to Make Your Bedroom a Relaxing Sleep Haven

We’re not judging, but how old is your mattress?