8 Best Protein Bars, According to Dietitians and Experienced Snackers

With flavors that won’t make you gag.
8 Best Protein Bars According to Dietitians and Experienced Snackers
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Second, the amount of fiber in a protein bar can also have an impact on your stomach, Jones says. While fiber is an important nutrient for regulating your digestion and increasing feelings of satiety, some bars contain a lot of it (often in the form of oats, nuts, or other plant-based sources like chicory root). And eating a bunch of fiber in one sitting may cause bloating, cramping, and gas, especially if you’re not used to it.

Finally, you may want to skip a bar if collagen is listed as its sole source of protein, Jones recommends. You don’t have to worry about it from a digestion standpoint, but collagen isn’t the best choice for protein supplementation. That’s because it isn’t a complete protein (meaning it doesn’t contain the nine essential amino acids your body needs) and won’t adequately support your body’s recovery process, she explains.

Other than that, it’s mainly a matter of personal preference—for example, if mint chocolate chip flavors remind you of brushing your teeth after dessert, you know to avoid those types of bars.

The best protein bars

You can certainly use this expert-backed criteria to shop on your own. But if you need further inspo, we’ve highlighted the best protein bars available now, according to experts as well as some seriously snack-savvy SELF staffers.

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